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I disagree with the poster above me. To be fluent in a few months? Try years. In a few months you can probably learn Hangeul and some basic phrases. To have a meaningful conversation it will take alot more than a few months Korean is really hard. I thought Tagalog was hard when I first started learning it but then I started Korean. I have been studying for more then a year now with 3 conversation partners and many Korean friends. It s still really hard. Writing on the other hand is pretty simple it probably can be leaned in a few days. Your friend probably has the advantage since he is already living in the Philippines. Here are some online sites which you might find useful. and These are well-known websites for learning Korean and they are free. If you are serious about learning Korean and want some free books online let me know and I will e-mail you a few links. Good luck

ooooooooh you re from the philippines eh? hmmmmm.