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We’ve all done it. Thrown ourselves onto the couch, phone in hand, determined to like only a few Instagram pictures of dogs in backpacks and.

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We’ve all done it. Thrown ourselves onto the couch, phone in hand, determined to like only a few Instagram pictures of dogs in backpacks and.

Thinking of broadening your horizons this week? Get your culture on with our roundup of artsy things to do – from theatre performances to art exhibitions, we'll have you sorted.

Scooch a little closer while we whisper this in your ear, because this year's line-up at the Singapore Grand Prix is stellar: making their debut appearance is The Chainsmokers, alongside Ariana Grande, George The Poet, Seal and Lianne La Havas. Joining them along the Marina Bay Street Circuit are One Republic and Duran Duran, with Calvin Harris closing the F1 weekend – plus more yet-to-be-announced acts. Single-day tickets are available, so check the official website if you’re eyeing a particular act.

Swoon to this French multi-instrumentalist’s sexy, soul-influenced electronic beats. Hailed as one of the must-watch acts in the Parisian electronic scene, FKJ – short for French Kiwi Juice (real name Vincent Fenton) – has been churning out funky genre-bending tunes for almost five years. Get groovy as he performs fresh tracks from his latest self-titled full-length album.

Only a few months ago, news of Tinder’s invite-only feature, Select, hit the radio waves. Since then, the operation has been hiding in plain sight, popping up with underground events around four corners of the globe: a speakeasy in Austin during SXSW , a chateau in the South of France for Cannes Film Festival , a takeover of the newly opened The Curtain in London, and most recently, two weekends at a seaside mid-century modern mansion in Montauk.

At every turn was an Instagram worthy snap — white tiki tents, flower-laden lawn swings, an ongoing rotation of live street art, and of course, a pool full to the rim with gold and white swan floats. The influencer candy-land sat on prime Montauk real estate — a house more befit for bumping follower count than actually residing in. For two weekends, a series of daytime and nighttime parties saw crowds of fashion insiders, venture capitalist heavyweights, and the likes of Public School’s Maxwell Osborne, artist Lucien Smith , rapper Mike D , and pro surfer Rob Machado pass through.

While Tinder has yet to openly acknowledge the existence of Select, the invite-only feature that caters to the rich and beautiful is very much real. Currently, the user experience is fairly similar to standard Tinder, with the exception of an updated algorithm that pushes other Select-ed users to the front of the line. But without a clear mark to identify the limited pool of Select users, any major difference is difficult to detect. According to the team behind its development, however, the interface is constantly evolving and a new update is expected in upcoming weeks.

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If you want to make sweet love to hot Dominican girls, then it’s pretty obvious – you need to visit the Dominican Republic. Sure, there are some sexy Dominicanas in New York City, but those girls have a bit too much “swag” for my taste. I like my women feminine with fat asses, not thick with a thuggish attitude.

Vast generalizations aside, it’s pretty easy to find hot Dominican girls in the Dominican Republic. You just have to know where to look. Here are the five best cities in the Dominican Republic to find these Dominican women:

Santo Domingo is definitely the best city for making love to as many hot Dominican girls as your heart desires. The capital is also the countries largest city, which gives playboys the most opportunity. While the average girl in Santo Domingo isn’t a stunner, she will often have a great body. Plus, this city boasts the greatest number of Dominican girls just by sheer size.

T he me-me-me-millennials: lazy, entitled, vain and delusional – sentiments we’ve heard so often it sounds like a broken record (Gen X speak for Spotify without Wi-Fi). Reportedly dwelling in the luxury of our familial mansions, chronicling arm-length memories of our own faces while steadily morphing into Kardashians, we experience emotions so superficial they are fully conveyed by yellow circles with eyes, and our thoughts haven’t exceeded 140 characters in years.

Look past the filtered profile picture and hashtag compulsion, and we millennials have more options available to us than any generation before, and with them, far more challenges. But forget the bad rep, it’s time to celebrate our quirks and conventions. Here, four writers remind us why we should be #hella proud to be millennials.

1. Dear world, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS ABOUT OUR SEX LIFE, PLEASE. We could be doing it so much our downstairs neighbour’s ceiling is buckling, or so little our own downstairs ceiling (yep, that’s a euphemism) is in hibernation, but here’s the thing: it’s our choice.