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Angela Noelle Schrute (née Martin ; formerly Lipton ) is a fictional character from the US television series The Office played by American actress Angela Kinsey. She is an original character, and has no equivalent in the original British show, The Office .

She was mainly seen as a minor character in the first two seasons but since starting her relationship with Dwight her character has been explored numerous times and has been so further since their break-up in Fun Run . Throughout season 3 and carrying on into season 4, Angela essentially became the second lead female of the show, after Pam Beesly.

Angela drives a light brown first generation Ford Focus sedan , as seen in " The Dundies " and " The Client ". In the season six episode " Niagara ", she is seen to drive a second generation Saturn S-Series (which Oscar's lover Gill used to drive).


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Meet Anne Stringfield here, Anne Stringfield is Steve Martin’s Wife. This great comedy actor Steve Martin recenty became a father at the age of 67. Want to know more about Steve’s wife Anne Stringfield and Steve Martin’s Wife’s bio and wiki?

Texas born Steve Martin, has been categorized as one of the kings of comedy, he began his steps into comedy as a stand out comedy actor, he has been in more than 50 films, hosted Saturday Night Live several times, and Martin also experimented his talent in music.

Martin has been married twice, first on November 20, 1986 to Victoria Tennant, they got divorced in 1994 and had no children together.


I have come down with an acute case of Doc Martinitis.  I first caught this condition when I discovered the show on our local PBS station.  Since then I’ve watched every season on Netflix.   Here’s the definition of the clinical description as found at Doc Martin Online.

About a week ago an email arrived in my Inbox from Netflix, alerting me new episodes were now online and available for viewing.   Yay!  I couldn’t wait to watch them.

I had to postpone watching until I had several hours one evening because I knew once I began watching, I wouldn’t be able to stop.  I actually did split my Doc Martin marathon into two viewings.  I watch very little TV, maybe 15-30 minutes a day during a quick lunch.  But I do enjoy a lot of the British comedies.  Do you watch those?  If so, do you have a favorite?