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iBust a Thief is the 13th episode of Season 5 and the 107th episode overall. This episode premiered to 3.374 million viewers. [2]

Sam: [looking through her backpack] Where's my laptop?
Carly: I don't know.
Sam: [putting her backpack down, worriedly] My laptop's gone!

Sam: It (the laptop) was a Bat Mitzvah gift from my Grandmother.
Freddie: You're not even Jewish.
Sam: [grabs Freddie by the collar, pulls his face up to hers so their noses touch] You tell my Grandma that and I will break you.
Freddie: [nervously] Shalom!

I will never forget my first day in China. As I stepped outside my hotel room for the very first time, I was hit by a wave of hot humid air. It wasn’t the kind of heat that makes you sweat, but the kind that makes you question the level of oxygen in the air. Was there any? It was raining, the air was stuffy, grey, polluted. I questioned whether going outside was a good idea, but I was starving, so I decided to push through.

Luckily, I didn’t have to walk far. There was a selection of 4-5 different restaurants, just 300m away from the hotel, all of which seemed perfectly suitable for a quick bite to eat. I didn’t have time to sit down and dine in style, so I opted for take-away. My knowledge of Mandarin at the time was zero, but I knew to look up the word for “take away” in a dictionary before heading out the door. I walked into a restaurant first and tried my luck with English.

The next morning I was sick with food poisoning. I spent the next 2 days between my bed and my toilet, questioning whether moving to Shanghai was the biggest mistake of my life.

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