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Durham Police said they had no choice but to shut down the meeting on land next to Low Hardwick Farm, near Sedgefield, on safety grounds following the fatality and second injury.

A spokesman said the first incident happened shortly after 1pm on Sunday when a male rider came off his bike and suffered critical injuries.

He was taken by air ambulance to the James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough, but was confirmed dead shortly after arrival.

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I am not familiar with this club, but I am assuming their races are AMA sanctioned, you will also need a district membership for your state. Your best bet is to load up the bike and show up at the track on a race day, hopefully they have a website with dates and start times. talk to the referees there and they will get you headed in the right direction.

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With its mechanical presentation of the past, the present and even a glimpse of the future, the 2017 Killarney Motor Show is going to have it all.

So much so that it includes the greatest selection of wheeled wonders ever seen in this context, here in the Cape. And so it should. Currently celebrating its 70 th anniversary, Killarney is the oldest motorsport venue still operative in South Africa.

The Cape also had the honour of hosting the first motor race in the country. It was held way back in 1903 and took place at the old Green Point Track that ironically, is no more than a cricket ball’s throw from the super modern, all-sports Cape Town Stadium that has a spectator capacity limit of 55,000.