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We Met on TINDER | OUR STORY - Duur: 9:32.

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Sure, you have probably heard a couple of Tinder horror stories, but you have probably never stopped to think about why Tinder just might be worth your time. The truth is that there are plenty of reasons you might want to turn to Tinder over other dating sites. Want proof? Here are 10 good reasons you need to check out Tinder as soon as possible. By the time you come to the end of this article, you’ll see why so many people love Tinder.

Thanks to Tinder, there’s no reason to spend your time shut up in your new home. Instead, match up with a few people, take the time to get to know them, and see what happens next. You may find a great new friend or something more.

It’s impossible to deny that the MTV show Catfish can be absolutely hilarious (and even scary/ strange…see the Kid Cole episode), but who really wants to star in the show? Since Tinder is linked to your Facebook page, it’s significantly less likely that you will think you’ve met the love of your life only to find it’s your cousin who is holding a grudge. (If you aren’t sure what’s being referenced here, see season 3, episode 1. It’s worth the time to look for it.)

“Twenty years from now, the idea that someone looking for love won’t look for it online will be silly, akin to skipping the card catalog to instead wander the stacks because the right books are found only by accident. We have a collective investment in the idea that love is a chance event, and often it is. But serendipity is the hallmark of inefficient markets, and the marketplace of love, like it or not, is becoming more and more efficient.”