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Current online dating statistics, industry facts and history. Dated and organized by categories and dating sites with referenced links.

It is with deep sadness that I must report the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Gina Phillips Moran Glick, M.D. on February 23, 2017 in Coppell, Texas, after.

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Current online dating statistics, industry facts and history. Dated and organized by categories and dating sites with referenced links.

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Ourtime doesn't scan the profiles because, if they did, they would recognize the scammers. I find them easy to spot so why can't they? Ourtime makes it difficult to contact them if anything goes wrong with your account. I couldn't sign in and repeatedly asked for my password change. Didn't get the email they promised. I had trouble with billing, spoke to someone from God knows where and the person couldn't understand the problem. I finally figured it out with the help from a Paypal staff.

This bogus site is not worth a dime. Twice my profile's been wiped out, and a customer service 'rep' told me last, that use of the term "e.g." is not allowed, as so many people would not know what it meant. So anyone on this site who DOESN'T know what that means is NOT the kind of person I'd be interested in anyway! The whole thing's a total crock.

I first joined last year and was very disappointed of the results; basically lots of scammers and my profile was hacked several times. I cancelled my subscription before the expiration date. That is how bad was my experienced. Then last month, I got an offer for 50% and tried once more. Then, one day I checked my profile and it was gone and was replaced with a generic. I called and reached a call center in Cebu, Philippines. I specifically asked to speak with the Supervisor on duty to tell me the reason why profile was taken down.

Hard to say at this time.I would need to know what dating site you are on..I would recommend at this time for you to enter what ever dating site you are on followed by SUPPORT in your web browser to bring up some help. I can give you only the following.. Response Resigning a Paid Subscription Canceling, Resigning, Deleting, etc. Free Membership vs. Subscription Subscription Was Automatically Renewed Gift Subscriptions Dear Member, Thank you for your email. Due to a keyword search we ran against your email, we believe you may be asking us about how to close your account and delete your information in our system. This rapid-reply email represents an additional effort on our part to deliver an answer to your question as quickly as possible. If the following information doesn t answer your question, please reply directly to this message for individualized assistance. With so many people finding love on, we try to make it pretty easy to end your subscription and take your information down. Hiding If you re starting a new relationship, the first thing you ll want to do is take your information down so it isn t visible to others on the site. To hide your profile from view, click on "Profile" in the top navigation screen, and click on "Hide Profile" under "Visibility Options" in the resulting page. If instead of "Hide Profile," you see "Show Profile Now," then your profile is already hidden. Resigning If you currently have a paid subscription and want to make sure you re not charged again, you ll need to resign your subscription. To do this, please visit the Change/Cancel Membership page under your Account Settings. For your security, you ll need to re-enter your password as part of this process. Nothing changes when you resign your subscription, except that when your term ends, your account will revert to a free membership, with no ability to send messages or read the messages you receive. If you re resigning because you found love, make sure to follow the steps above to hide your profile. Cancelling If you don t have a paid subscription, you can cancel your membership by following the same process at the Change/Cancel Membership page in your Account Settings. If you cancel your membership, we immediately hide your profile from other members. Should you wish to rejoin the community, all you have to do is sign in and reactivate your account. Deleting If you want to make sure your information is taken down from our site completely, you can accomplish this by following the directions above to either resign (making sure to hide your profile) or cancel your account. Your information is stored in our database for historical and legal purposes. Suspending a Subscription Currently, suspending your subscription or putting it on hold for a few months isn t a feature we provide. If you need to take a break, though, you can hide your profile until you are ready to use the site again. Refunds If you believe your circumstances warrant a refund of your subscription charge, you re welcome to reply to this message, and we d be happy to review your situation. We hope these suggestions have proven useful for you; however, if you still have questions regarding the matches you receive from, or if this auto-response was not on the mark, please reply directly to this message and we will personally assist you with your question. You can also visit our support site by going to We wish you the best of luck in finding your match! Warm Regards, Customer Care Customer 04/01/2011 10:00 PM For those individuals that let their membership expire and continue to receive emails, winks, etc from other members i beleive you are doing a disservice to those that continue to send emails, and such. When they send a wink, email or whatever to someone they are hoping for some kind of response. When they do not receive anything back it is somewhat disheartening to them. My suggestion...when someones membership is over and you continue to carry their profile couldn t you at least have some designation for this profile that they are no longer a paid member and this person sending those emails, etc will not receive a response of any kind OR just remove the profile until they are a paid member.Just a thought..

to answer your question, yes online women are too picky. do you think they care that they are missing out on a lot of "amazing men who can make them really happy?" most women dont even think they DESERVE a guy like that. thats why the old saying "Nice guys finish last" holds so true to life.

If the site is registered, report to them they will help you block the hacker.