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We Critique Commercials: Dating App Commercials (don't find you love) - Duur: 8:42.

We Critique Commercials: Dating App Commercials (don't find you love) - Duur: 8:42.

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I would like a full refund so that I can take my kids out and never listen to someone that tells me they can better my life.

Hello sianel walsh , I m Paul and I m Padre s assistant. Can you reply privately with the email address that was registered and/or transaction number(s), please? If not yet done, I can perform the refund in your behalf. I ll be waiting for your reply.
Padre s assistant

Hello BirthdayFe , I m Paul and I m Padre s assistant for the web site Guardian Angel READING. It seems to me that your are reporting another site, you speak of ANGELA , and NOT PADRE and if this is the case, obviously that I m unable to clear out any question that you might have concerning that other site, the Guardian Angel MESSENGER. As this complaint is linked to another site, can you please change the complaint status to Resolved please?
Paul, PADRE s assistant

This bogus site is not worth a dime. Twice my profile's been wiped out, and a customer service 'rep' told me last, that use of the term "e.g." is not allowed, as so many people would not know what it meant. So anyone on this site who DOESN'T know what that means is NOT the kind of person I'd be interested in anyway! The whole thing's a total crock.

I first joined last year and was very disappointed of the results; basically lots of scammers and my profile was hacked several times. I cancelled my subscription before the expiration date. That is how bad was my experienced. Then last month, I got an offer for 50% and tried once more. Then, one day I checked my profile and it was gone and was replaced with a generic. I called and reached a call center in Cebu, Philippines. I specifically asked to speak with the Supervisor on duty to tell me the reason why profile was taken down.

She basically told me that I cannot used the word: relationship, sexy, intimate or intimacy in my profile due to the extent that it can be interpreted as sexual in nature. I told her give me a break, most likely that not lots of OurTime members are seniors and more likely on Geritol. No offense I was just so upset of her answer. So next time your profile is gone asked for a supervisor and for her to give you an explanation why your profile was taken down. Do remember there are lots of weeds out there. Basically you have to weed the weeds.

If signed, companies would be required to inform users of how they’re using the location data they collect, if the users decides to share it.