Topics: Why does'nt plenty of fish online dating site work?

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Once you are in the username search, enter the username of the person you are looking for. After you hit submit, if the username is found you will see their profile within the search results. If no match is found, that means there is not an account associated with the username you entered. If you do not know their entire username, you can try entering part of their screen name in here. Your will be shown the best possible matches based on your search query that are related to your search term.

People often look for a way to search POF by name, opposed to searching by username. There is, for obvious reasons, no Plenty Of Fish name search available. Most users of online dating sites would like to keep some level of anonymity. Having a Plenty Of Fish name search where real names of people who are dating on the site would be the big brother of internet dating. Having a name search would let anyone simply google your name and find your dating profile. This does not sound too appealing, does it?

If you are still having trouble finding a user and you can not remember their screen name, you can always try the Plenty Of Fish basic search or advanced search and filter by attributes that would fit the user. For example if you know their hair color, eye color or age. You can set these parameters and try to find a user this way. This method might take a bit longer but it might be worth it if you find a lost contact you had chemistry with. You can also check your sent messages to see if any of your messages you sent to them are still available. From there you can find the users profile.

I met my boyfriend on that site, but to be honest before then I had met a few other guys off there and many just seemed to be interested in a bit of fun, and not actually a relationship like they one said. And sometimes you can talk to someone for weeks on end then all of a sudden they stop replying to your messages and you never hear from them again, it can work but sometimes it doesn t.

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Firstly, remove your photos. Then update the description to something naughty or nasty. I guarantee you that they will delete it for you ;)

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100% FREE Dating app, free app, application, Messaging, Singles

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