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Here are reviews of the top 10 internet dating services: Website: America s Internet Dating Total Members: 3.5 Million registered users Male to Female Ratio: 40% female, 60% male Cost Monthly Renewing: $19.95 per month 3 Month Term: $49.95 one-time 6 Month Term: $69.95 one-time 12 Month Term: $99.95 one-time Special Features: Three dating communities to choose from: Dating, Romance, and Intimate. Safety: Quality customer care services for members. More Info: With over 3.5 million registered users and growing, this dating service will offer you plenty to choose from, even in your own area. With their profile matching services, matching up should be an ease. And don t forget about the Instant Messenger feature for quick access to new and exciting singles. Everyday, America s Internet Dating helps singles find happiness through a safe and fun online dating community. We re a partner of the Relationship Exchange, a network of online personals sites that share a common database of millions of singles! This means more searches, more communication, and a more successful match! Website: Total Members: Over 1.7 million Male to Female Ratio: 60/40 Cost: The subscription is only $29.99, we offer a one week free trial, and a 7 day money back guarantee once they are full members. Special Features: TRUE Compatibility Test™ Find your true love — Take our free TRUE Compatibility Test and get an amazingly accurate profile of yourself. Endorsed by Psychology Today, this test identifies 99 distinct factors found in successful relationships. You ll learn more about yourself, plus, you ll be that much closer to finding your special someone. Safety: Background checks/married people will be prosecuted. There s safety in our numbers, only online relationship site that screens all communicating members against the nation s largest criminal database, through our exclusive partnership with TRUE Compatibility Making compatibility between individuals a top priority, TRUE created the TRUE Compatibility Test™, which is the most comprehensive personality and matchmaking test in the online dating industry. Independently certified to meet the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, the TRUE Compatibility Test is the only online compatibility test endorsed by Psychology Today. Website: American Singles Total Members: As of June 2005, it had about 9.8 million active members who have posted a personal profile or who have logged on at least once in the last year. Male to Female Ratio: unknown Cost: 1 Month = $24.95 3 Months = $59.95 1 Year = $149.95 Special Features: Offers a flirting concept called ‘a tease’: A tease is a quick, fun way to let someone know you re interested. More Info: You pick a one-liner from our list of teases, and it s sent to the member of your choice. The member gets the tease in their onsite email Inbox and then can go to your profile and tease you back. You get up to sixty teases a month, but can only tease each member once. All members can send and receive teases for free. If you d like to take it a step further, we suggest sending an email and starting up a real conversation. Other special features include, hot lists, photos, prewritten ‘tease’ greetings for the tongue tied; free chat rooms; only major site to show how many people are on at a given time. At American Singles you won’t see any pop ups or pop unders or obtrusive advertising. This is to ensure a better overall experience for members. Website: eHarmony Total Members: 5,000,000 Male to Female Ratio: unknown Cost: $49.95 for a one-month subscription, $99.95 for a 3-month subscription, $149.95 for a six-month subscription and $249.95 for an entire year of membership. Special Features: Detailed questionnaire measures the intricate facets of a person, including the 29 dimensions that are most important in relationship success. Compatibility Matching System(TM), bringing singles together using a scientifically-proven set of compatibility principles based on 35 years of research into marital success. eHarmony was founded in 1998 by relationship expert Dr. Neil Clark Warren to help people build successful, long-lasting relationships. After 35 years of private counseling, research and public speaking, Dr. Warren created eHarmony, combining clinical expertise with the latest technology. Our mission: to help millions of people find the right partner for life-long love and happiness. Offers unique personality tests. Compatibility Is The Key Scientific research has shown that picking the right person is the best way to achieve a great relationship. But how do you make a great choice in a club or at a party, where appearance and small talk is really all you have to go on? Using the internet, eHarmony is able to learn about its members from the inside out. Website: Total Members: unknown Male to Female Ratio: Current ratio is 52% male and 48% female and seems to be holding steady at this point. Cost: Monthly Membership - $19.95 Quarterly Membership - $49.95 Semi-Annual - $79.95 Special Features: “Love Quotient Analysis” More Info: Every new member receives a free “Love Quotient Analysis” (“LQ”). The “LQ” analyzes an individual’s behavioral tendencies in a new relationship. Once a member meets another member on the site, they can invite their potential partner to compare “LQs” and receive their own unique “CQ” (“Compatibility Quotient”). The “CQ” will show the couple potential areas of strength and weakness in forming their new relationship. offers its members the ability to receive special discounts at local & national providers of service, such as restaurants, hotels, night clubs, travel companies, cruise lines, health clubs, jewelers and much more. All a member has to do is show their membership card to save money. The site is also building a national network of local singles group partners that sponsor events in their area on a monthly basis. In turn, publicizes events held by their local singles group partners. This allows members to select from a variety of activities, both in their own area and throughout the country. Website: Total Members: 1.6 million Male to Female Ratio: 34.4% women Cost: $24.95/one month $49.95/three months Special Features: The largest distinguishing characteristic is the plug-and-play video chat. Leveraging Macromedia s FlashMX technology, we have built a videochat that has all of the chat features like smileys, ignore, private rooms, along with the reliability of Flash. Simply plug your camera in and go. More Info: Does not require a computer cam. Website: Total Members: 2million+ Male to Female Ratio: 60/40 Cost: truly free personals on the web. Tip: Totally Free No Credit Card Required Special Features: Live video chat and mobile option. More Info: Webdate™, the world’s fastest-growing community of men and women committed to fun and adventure in dating and in life, announced that it has expanded its mobile webdating service to customers of AT&T, Cingular and T-Mobile wireless services. Website: Great Expectations Total Members: Over 100,000 singles to choose from and 52 locations across America. Male to Female Ratio: unknown Cost: Dependent on your location. Special Features: Oldest dating service around. Safety: Pre-screened and qualified. More Info: Great Expectations—The Nation s Premier Dating Service. More than just another dating service, Great Expectations is a place where you can meet American single men and single women just like you. Since 1976, we ve been the premiere dating service for intelligent, attractive professional singles in search of meaningful relationships. Unlike with many other dating services, members at Great Expectations are pre-screened and qualified, so you can enjoy a safe and fun dating experience. With over 100,000 singles to choose from and 52 locations across America, we make it easy for you to take charge of your romantic life. Website: Total Members: unknown Male to Female Ratio: unknown Special Features: Features a Black Book: To add someone to your "Black Book", first you login to and find the member you want to add. Once you see their profile, on the right you will see "Add", click on this and it will add them to your "Black Book". Also features instant messaging and net meeting (video chat). More Info: is more than just a dating site. We are a community of singles who are tired of blind dates, tired of the club scene, and most of all tired of being alone. This IS the place where people connect every day. It is safe, secure, fun and very exciting. Imatchup is designed to meet your dating needs. Start out by being playful, exchange emails, progress into the chat rooms where discussions can last for hours and once you can t wait any longer, meet them face to face in our Live Video chat room. With a process like this you are sure to build meaningful and lasting relationships. Website: Yahoo! Personals Tip: Yahoo is perfect for those who already have a Yahoo email account. This speeds up the joining process. Special Features: Likely Likeables -- is an exciting way to extend your searches and find more quality people that you might never have seen using our other search tools. More Info: Think of it as a bunch of your friends helping you find some of the best people on Yahoo! Personals. You might have seen something similar on other Web sites, such as "People who liked this CD also liked this other CD." Let s say you were looking at a profile, liked what you saw, and said to yourself, "It would be fun to find other people like this." With "View Similar Profiles," we ve made it easy to find these people that you re likely to like. If you re into blue-eyed dog lovers who enjoy picnics and Elvis Costello, find one and "View Similar Profiles" will help you find others. We think this method -- we call it Likely Likeables -- is an exciting way to extend your searches and find more quality people that you might never have seen using our other search tools. With "View Similar Profiles," be prepared to be pleased and amazed with the people Likely Likeables searches will help you find. ______________________

I have tried to cancel my membership three times, will not do it. They are a complete scam. I highly recommend you do not join. They will not let you pay as you go. They require that you give them a credit card and auto debit your account. Not to mention that I never talked to anyone that I was the least bit interested in. It is nothing more than a hookup site, as I said a complete scam.

Auto renewal is automatically turned on. When you notify them you did NOT want to be charged they refuse to delete the charge even after only TWO days since the charge posted. The renewal rate is almost TWICE the original rate!!! This is a VERY bad business model and the consumers suffer this rampant abuse. reactivated my account after I had specifically gone through the steps to deactivate it. They then claimed there was no record of me cancelling it. Now I have to cancel my credit card in order for them to stop fraudulently billing it. Avoid this company at all costs!