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Silver Daddies are finally getting our due from the online gay dating community. After all, just because there's snow on the roof, doesn't mean there's no fire in the furnace, as the old saying goes. That's never been truer than it is today, with gay men remaining fit, horny and vigorous almost in perpetuity.

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Ok, well, like my profile says, I’m a sapiosexual. I’ve come to apprehend that I am very dexterous so I am beholding for a girlfriend who has the right IQ for me. I don’t believe in condemning people who can’t spell propyl and stuff, but my intellectualism isn’t compatible with those sorts of people. I have high functioning alcohol withdrawal syndrome, which means my brain is like that dude in Of Mouse and Men.

I’ve found that most Fetlifers don’t like having a bright light shone on their tiny IQs. Even in groups that are made expressly for geniii like me, my intellect has intimididated people. They can’t understand my yuge and gargantuan vocabulary, which has made them think I am pretentious, when in actual fact, they are merely stupid. Second of all, they refuse to accept my syntactical guidance. I have had quite enough of being the most intelligent sapiosexual on Fetlife.

My powerful high functioning AWS brain allows me to bend subs to my will using my intellect alone. You could say I am into the mental aspects of D/s, but I protest against group-think, so let us rather say that I am you’re worst dreadful and your best dream; when your under my spell, your powerless.

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I struggled for years coming to terms with my sapiosexuality. My parents disowned me. I would spend my Tuesday nights cruising the aisles of my local library looking for a quick date. It was brutal.

Something tells us OkCupid won't be including an identifier for people who are attracted to pirates. Oivind Hovland/Ikon Images/Corbis hide caption

How would you — or do you — identify on online dating sites? Gay? Straight? Bisexual? Well you're about to have many more options on OkCupid, one of the most popular sites for people seeking love and connection.

OkCupid has about 4 million users, and within the next few weeks the site will give all of them brand-new options for specifying their gender and sexual orientation — options like androgynous, asexual, genderqueer and questioning.

Remember back in the day when someone decided labeling guys with hygiene as “metrosexual” was a good idea? Then came “lumbersexual” to describe men who don’t shave and wear flannel. (I wish I was joking.) And now, just when you start to think, “Hey, maybe we’re finally over labeling and categorizing each other,” we decide to invent the most pretentious label of all: “sapiosexual.”

According to Urban Dictionary , sapiosexual means “one who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.” It also means high school isn’t over after all—you know, as much as you’ve tried blocking the ordeal from your memory. Not only has the term become an official sexual orientation on the uber-popular dating site OKCupid, but NPR recently reported it’s become one of the site’s trendiest new terms. (Still not joking.)

I hate to break your insanely pretentious bubble, but being a sapiosexual is total BS. Intelligent people aren’t going to get in touch with you for drinks, just the wannabes parading around as intelligent people. (Which, now that I think about it, might be a good thing. Excuse me while I ponder that in my well-stuffed armchair and smoking jacket.)

Users Interested In sapiosexual. Unlovable goofy. I'm a Nurse. Back on the dating scene after a 5-year on-again-off-again relationship sputtered to a halt.

Previously OkCupid, which has more than 3.5 million users worldwide, only allowed users to declare themselves either male or female and chose from gay, straight or bisexual as their sexual orientation.

The dating site now offers users a fuller list of possible sexual orientations, including: asexual, demisexual, heteroflexible, homoflexible, pansexual, queer, questioning and sapiosexual (an individual who finds intelligence to be the most important sexual trait).

Users reported to being sent a message notifying them of the change: “You’re part of a select group with access to this feature,” it reads. “Keep in mind as we continue to work on this feature: For now, editing your gender and orientation is only supported on the desktop site.”