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Hosted by Studio 10’s Sarah Harris, Shark Tank features five of Australia s business superstars: internet pioneer Steve Baxter, Boost Juice entrepreneur Janine Allis, international businessman Andrew Banks, RedBalloon experience founder Naomi Simson and Dr Glen Richards, founder of Australia s largest pet-care company Greencross.

Having already invested over $9 million of their own money, Australia’s Sharks are out for the next great Aussie idea and aren’t afraid to take on each other in order to get it.


With the help of the sharks, the sisters completely re-branded their skin care product and are now able to launch globally!

During their presentation to the investors, Angela and Yoojin explained the benefits of their face cream and their ultimate goal to help women look years younger without the risks and dangers associated with surgery or botox. The sisters were able to support their claims with testimonials from satisfied women who have been raving about the wrinkle cream for months. The Cornell graduate's pitch was so convincing that all 5 sharks teamed up to join the sister's skin care company and are working together make it a huge success in every part the world.

The Shark Tank ‘Miracle Moisturizer' is believed to be such a success that even Hollywood dermatologists were involved in developing the unique recipe. According to our sources, high profile doctors heard about Angela and Yoojin and their anti-aging cream and they put their product to the test. Since dermatologists liked their wrinkle remover so much, they decided to get involved in order to shed light on it as an alternative to surgery. Some dermatologists even started recommending it, but ONLY to their high paying clientele.


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We’ve been hearing about Apple’s first major push into video for some time now , and it’s finally here: Planet of the Apps – a reality show that sees developers pitch their apps to VCs in the hopes of scoring funding and making it big – is out now.

The first episode is available for free on iTunes , as well as on the show’s own site ; subsequent episodes will be available to subscribers of Apple Music . Wondering whether it’s worth 45 minutes tonight? I watched the premiere episode to help you decide. Oh, and you can check out the trailer below:


ABC’s Shark Tank has exposed more than five million viewers to, let’s face it, pretty much everything. You better believe anything imaginable has hit this reality show. From bed-bug prevention systems to candles scented like pot roast or barbecue, Shark Tank has seen it all.

Some of the products Shark Tank has helped create are truly great ideas. The inventors simply needed financial backing to get those bad boys out into the world, and thanks to the sharks, they got it. Here are the top eight most successful products which started out on Shark Tank.

Shark Tank has given exposure to plenty of bad ideas, but also some incredible ones. Given these amazing eight products coming from the show, we're sure to see something special on this next season.


As of May 12, 2017, [update] 175 episodes of Shark Tank have aired, concluding the eighth season. In 2015 a companion spin-off series called Beyond the Tank premiered which follows up on some of the businesses that have appeared on the show.

"Yes" means one or more Sharks initiated a deal; it may or may not be finalized after completing a due diligence process. [9]

Kevin Harrington , Daymond John , Kevin O'Leary , Barbara Corcoran , and Robert Herjavec appear as the sharks in every episode this season.


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