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When I was younger, there was no Inter-net. I lucked out and had three female pen pals. France, Georgia, Pennsylvania. No romance, just good pen pals. We kept in contact until I got married. You do have to be care full. There are some strange people around.

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Good luck!!! Check out this site for some good tips on keeping it simple and how to calm jitters etc: If you can be clever, then better and better - personal stories are always memorable - talk to your passions, try and wiggle in the accounting aspect - maybe relay stats? or come up with some sort of funky formula that you work through your presentation like - one that is totally bogus but uses the vernacular of your accounting business (I m limited to credit and debit and depreciation of assets) - it might look like: you are a lover of history and literature (a credit to the personal development books but a debit to getting dates in college) - that sort of thing.and end it with the whole package (being you) is the right purchase for their company. If you can also wiggle into all of this what they stand for and how you fit that formula, that would be great. It sounds fun! I d love to know if you get the job!!!

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Trying to explain it here is hard. Watch this. Flyball is wicked fun to watch, I would love to get involved in it. Check with local dog clubs, and they should be able to tell you where in Chicago you can get started. Added: A Rat Terrier can do just as good in flyball as other breeds. They try to pit dogs that are roughly the same size against each other. There are teams of four dogs, and a lot of teams have a small breed dog. Cindy, I followed your link, and you know what sucks, is my state isn t even there. To be honest sometimes I hate living in BFE because it s hard to find the stuff you want to do with your dogs. We don t even have any obedience trainers or classes for 200 miles.