Topics: The Best Dating Apps for Finding a Casual or Serious.

Searching for a useful new app? Look no further than our selection of 100 apps. You won't be able to do without them.


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Searching for a useful new app? Look no further than our selection of 100 apps. You won''t be able to do without them.

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After two weeks of talking on the phone, it may be time for you to define with him what your expectations are. If you are crushing on him, you probably won t be able to just be friends, because we as humans have no control over our emotions, only our actions. So I would just let him know what you ve said above: 1. you think he s a great guy, 2. you enjoy spending time with him (even if it s just been over the phone, 3. that you are interested in seeing where your relationship goes. Don t worry about the sex part just yet. You are in control of that, and the only way you ll know what he wants is by by getting to know him better, and that probably means in person. Finally, you ve got to step up your confidence. I don t know how you dress or if you are well groomed, but if not, get it. Showing confidence, not arrogance, is the best trick in overcoming a lack of good looks. Being down on yourself and asking for his acceptance hurts your looks even worse. If you can show that you are comfortable with who you are, he ll pick up on that, and from what I read, you ve got the right stuff. Best of luck!

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