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In majors, Federer has won a record eight Wimbledon titles, five Australian Open titles, a record five consecutive US Open titles and one French Open title. He is among eight men to have captured a career Grand Slam and has reached a record 29 men's singles Grand Slam finals, including ten in a row from the 2005 Wimbledon Championships to the 2007 US Open. Many players and analysts consider Federer the greatest tennis player of all time. [a]

Among Federer's other ATP tournament records include winning six ATP World Tour Finals and playing in the finals at all nine ATP Masters 1000 tournaments. He also won the Olympic gold medal in doubles with his compatriot Stan Wawrinka at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games and the Olympic silver medal in singles at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Representing Switzerland, he was a part of the 2001 winning Hopman Cup team and the 2014 winning Davis Cup team. He was named the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for a record four consecutive years from 2005 through 2008.

Like all male Swiss citizens, Federer was subject to compulsory military service in the Swiss Armed Forces. However, in 2003 he was ruled "unsuitable" and was subsequently not required to fulfill his military obligation. [27] Instead, he served in the civil protection force and was required to pay 3% of his taxable income as an alternative. [28] He grew up supporting F.C. Basel and the Swiss National Football Team. [29] Federer also credits his hand-eye coordination to the wide range of sports he played as a child, including badminton and basketball. [30]

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Identical twin brothers marry identical twin sisters.. the two sets of twins had a double wedding.. When two adjacent plots of land opened up,.

Liam goes for broke, St Vincent bounces back, Nico Muhly gets Hitchcockian, Taylor Swift defends her reputation, and Peggy Seeger pens her memoirsMatt Black and Jonathan More’s first single as Coldcut – the 1987 white label Say Kids What Time Is It? – was one of the earliest records to be entirely made up of samples. They celebrate 30 years since its release – three decades that have been filled with groundbreaking remixes, productions, DJ sets, club nights and occasional forays into the charts – with a new and doubtless thrilling audiovisual show. Continue reading.

I am the mother of twins. I was never put on bed rest but I was induced at 35 weeks. I would strongly recommend that you have everything ready early- crib put together, car seats installed, bags packed for the hospital, etc. Even if you make it further to your due date these are the things that you will not want to have to worry about when you are huge and pregnant! You really don t have to buy doubles of everything. My babies share a crib, they share toys, and being both boys they share clothes. The things I have found I DO need two of are two bouncing chairs- you can bounce both chairs with your foot while trying to grab a bite to eat! And when shopping for a stroller consider how and where you will be going with your babies. I got a really nice jogger- that will not fit through a standard size doorway. I would recommend finding a stroller that best meets your needs but check measurements before purchasing!! I would have a lot of newborn size diapers on hand- I ended up donating a few that we were unable to use before my babies outgrew them but I did not have to worry about having to go on a diaper run with brand new babies. If you can get your babies on the same sleeping and eating schedule it will save your sanity. It was tough in the beginning to get into a routine but it is worth your time to stick with it! I got a TON of helpful information from a book called Mothering Multiples that is put out by La Leche League. I was given two Itzbeen timers as gifts- they will allow you to track the time that has elapsed between diaper changes, feedings, sleeping, and medication. They also have the option for an alarm if a set amount of time has elapsed. I found these to be a lifesaver during the early weeks and so much easier than charting on paper for multiple babies! The most important piece of advice I can give after having been there is to not hold too tightly to your expectations of how things will be once your babies come. Even labor and delivery were nothing like I had planned in my mind. Take it one day at a time and ask for help! Having a helping hand makes it much easier to enjoy the precious time with your babies instead of being overwhelmed :)


William Saunders Beveridge ,my Great Grandfather,migrated to Australia in 1852w.He married Jessie McLean and they had 6 surviving children.Jessie died aged 37 soon after giving birth to twins.
William Saunders was a son of Robert Ebeneezer Beveridge and Isabella Thompson Saunders. After pursuing various occupations he became Manager of a sheep station (Tottington, Victoria) before selecting land for himself. He died in 1921 and is buried at Dunkeld , Victoria, Australia.
Andrew Beveridge,

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My maternal grandfather Johnson was full blood Swede. Don't know his RH factor but I am RH NEG. Have researched some and found that the largest percentage of RH NEG people are in Switzerland, Sweden and Norway and that the RG NEG factor actually started in those areas. Has anyone come across any info about this. Any Johnsons out there RH NEG?

For decades, many U.S. companies moved their manufacturing operations to low-cost countries. As a result, the trade deficit ballooned and millions of American manufacturing jobs.

Explosions boom as the first World Trade Center tower begins to collapse. The man who held a video camera nearby pointed the camera up for 5. More