Topics: The Boston Red Sox Have Finally Found a Good Reason to Own.

Vince Cable predicts Brexit WON'T happen as he prepares to seize the Lib Dem leadership. Cable is running unopposed for Lib Dem crown with 12 days of the.

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Vince Cable predicts Brexit WON''T happen as he prepares to seize the Lib Dem leadership. Cable is running unopposed for Lib Dem crown with 12 days of the.

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North Korea’s latest nuclear test has pushed the Trump administration into a near frenzy, even though America has lived with the threat of annihilation for more than a half century, starting when the Soviet Union built atomic weapons. The United States relied on deterrence to prevent an attack by Joseph Stalin’s tyrannical regime.

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Smartwatches have long felt like a gadget in search of a purpose. However, it seems the Boston Red Sox have finally discovered one thing they are actually good at: cheating.

According to complaint filed by New York Yankees ’ general manager Brian Cashman and later corroborated by Major League Baseball, it seems the Boston Red Sox used the messaging function on Apple Watches to steal signs between Yankees pitchers and catchers and then relay that info to its batters.

According to the The New York Times, the Red Sox told league investigators that team personnel had been instructed to monitor instant-replay video and then send the signs to trainers in the dugout via their Apple Watches. The trainers would then pass on the info to the players, thus giving them an advantage before an incoming pitch.

Steve considers a new career path post-retirement. Steve recommends a movie he saw over the weekend & expresses his love for a comedic actor. The guys react to a ‘farewell letter’ written to Chicago. Steve and Marianne Murciano relive their 9/11 show.

While preseason games are already underway, the 2017 NFL season will officially begin September 7 when the New England Patriots play the Kansas City Chiefs. Fans of the gridiron game who don’t have cable should still be able to catch every game without resorting to hooking your TV up to a cable box, provided they do some research, and keep close track of their team’s schedule.

According to Techcrunch , it’s possible to enjoy all the football you want, though you’ll need a combination of live TV streaming plans, NFL-specific streaming services, and some free options from Yahoo.

For starters, you’ll need to pick your team and figure out whether it’s an in-market or out-of-market team (basically, whether or not you are in the same state as your team). For out-of-market games, NFL Sunday Ticket is your best option. At $69.99 per month for four months, the streaming service isn’t exactly a money-saver, but does get you every out-of-market game, every Sunday.

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