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I am appalled at the many incorrectly identified pieces of porcelain for sale on eBay and elsewhere. The fakes and frauds are numerous. Don?t be fooled. Many fakes are easy to identify.

One can be generous and allow for an error by the seller. Yet, when as seller is advised of their error, many politely respond, but do not change their listing, and if it does not sell the first time, they will re-list it with the same bad information. At that point, one has crossed over from being a lazy seller into being a fraudulent seller by misrepresenting (lying) about the piece they are selling. Also known as, theft by fraud. If the sellers do not believe me, then they should do more research on their own.

These fakes create several problems. The first problem, when one lists a piece of porcelain for sale wrongly identified, several other unknowing sellers and buyers now have bad information about a mark and follow the first. Secondly, it is destroying the price of the authentic pieces. The authentic pieces no longer seem scare; their rarity is diminished. Finally, and just as important as the first reason, is that many of the so-called fakes or reproductions are high quality pieces deserving appreciation on their own merits, and not have to claim associations for it that are untrue.

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