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David Hasselhoff, 65 and Hayley Roberts, 37, head to Ibiza - Duur: 5:28.

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No good can come of a revolt that results in election of a politician with his past record in public lifeIn all the many sub-dramas over last week’s elections did you find yourself surprised that the disgraced former Tory MP Neil Hamilton managed to get himself elected to the Welsh assembly, one where he already seems to have leadership designs this week? Me too. Related: UK elections 2016 at a glance: the key points and results Continue reading.

I d recommend "The Mabinogion" it contains the oldest stories about King Arthur. It also contains the oldest of the Welsh legends. It s a very interesting read.

A CHEEKY couple were slammed for setting up a page to raise £6,000 to pay for their dream Italian WEDDING. Hannah Louise Miell and Jack Dudley asked the public to cough up thousands so they could married abroad in the ceremony of a lifetime. But their GoFundMe page was taken down just four days later having […]

[ Today News ] David Hasselhoff, 65 and Hayley Roberts, 37, head to Ibiza - Duur: 5:44.

The Welsh language originated from the Britons at the end of the 6th century. Prior to this, three distinct languages were spoken by the Britons during the 5th and.