Topics: Why is it that men are scared of me because I am divorced? It really sucks in the dating scene...?

The next time you’re at a play or a dance performance in Los Angeles or New York and you’re sitting near a tall, broad-shouldered guy in a baseball cap who unexpectedly bursts into tears, look closely. If the cap has a St. Louis Blues logo and its brim is curved in classic frat-boy style, chances are he’s Jon Hamm.

The actor, 46, says he has always been an unrepentant softie when he’s in the presence of a good work of art. “I’m just blown away by the beauty of it all,” he says. “Especially when I see anybody performing at the peak of their ability. I see it, and I f—ing weep.”

“We all want to be involved in something that takes hold of the culture and makes people sit up and say, ‘Hey, that’s interesting,’ ” he says. “Actually, that’s all I ever wanted. I never wanted to be a Tom Cruise type of megastar.”

As someone who regularly gives relationship advice and sees the impact of dating on her friends, I’ve become completely and utterly convinced that the modern dating scene is as poisonous as can be.

We live in a world where lashing out due to rejection , ghosting , fading, cheating , and unsolicited dick pics has become the norm rather than the exception. We no longer treat one another as humans, and why would we? No one seems to care about actually doing the right thing anymore, anyway.

The emotional harm due to dealing with horrible dates, bad interactions, and shallow websites is palpable. I personally have seen some of the kindest people I know slowly have the spark of hope extinguish because of the way potential dates, as well as legit dates, have treated them. I’ve seen perfectly wonderful souls remain in abusive relationships , simply because they felt it was better to be with any partner rather than brave the dating scene again.

Many men are ignored on dating sites. The following piece first appeared on Role Reboot. Click here to read more of their content.

Most women seem completely oblivious to the fact that they are supposed to be bisexual. I have been told this but it doesn t make me want to have sexual contact with other women. Men don t earn more than women now. They don t have higher status. We don t really need protecting any more - I have never been attacked. We don t need men for childbearing - just sperm.

Some people are fans of the Washington Redskins. But many, many more people are NOT fans of the Washington Redskins. This 2017 Deadspin NFL team preview is for those in the latter group. Read all the previews so far here.

Your coach: Jay Gruden. Again, Jay Gruden sounds exactly like a handyman running you through an estimate. Once you hear it, it cannot be unheard. “Yeah so, we’ll just tear out some of that drywall there and fix it up good, yep. Patch it up with some joint compound and then you’re set to go. Looking at around, eh, let’s call it $200.” Remember when he truthered one of his own player’s concussion problems? That was fun. I have no confidence in this man to do anything useful. Any success of his is a clear accident.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. People of D.C., your defensive line is in good hands now that Jim Tomsula has arrived. Jay Gruden may sound like a handyman but Tomsula IS one. All the man needs is a piece of cardboard and some gum from the underside of a park bench, and he’s ready to WORK.

I look at it this way..we test drive cars when we buy them dont we??? How much more important is a lifemate to us??? I d take experience over virginity (ignorance) anyday!!!

Researchers found that women and men handle breakups differently. Women feel more pain and anguish at the onset, but eventually recover. Men, on the other hand, never fully recover from a bad breakup we just move on.

Breaking up sucks, no matter who you are. I don’t care if your S.O. is a horrible trash person and ending the relationship was the only smart decision you ever made it hurts, it’s arduous and life sucks for a while afterwards. We tend to assume that women take breakups the hardest, while us callous, unemotional men move from relationship to relationship unscathed. Not only is that not true, but it’s actually backward men have a much harder time recovering from the emotional pain of a breakup.

Researchers from Binghamton University and University College London conducted a huge survey across 96 countries with nearly 6,000 participants. They were asked to rate both the emotional and physical pain of a breakup on scales of one to 10, with 10 being the worst.

i really think that if it's the guy asking the girl to dinner then it should be his treat. after all it was an invitation from him to her. if it was the other way then she should pay for it. there should always be equality and fair game. but no one should ever expect someone to pay unless it is clearly indicated that they would like to.